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One gallon of water added to a yard of properly designed 4000 psi concrete mix can:

  • Increase the slump about one inch (Use a water reducer instead)
  • Cut the compressive strength by as much as 200psi
  • Waste the effect of 1/4 bag of cement
  • Increase the shrinkage potential by about 10%
  • Increase the possibility of seepage through the concrete by up to 50%
  • Decrease the freeze/thaw resistance by 20%
  • Decrease the resistance to attack by de-icing salts
  • Lower the quality of the concrete in many other ways

Everyone has a hand in the success of concrete flatwork:

  • The General Contractor/Builder in who they hire and setting expectations
  • The Subcontractor doing the concrete work properly and ordering the proper mix design for the job at hand
  • The Ready Mix Supplier providing the proper concrete mix that was ordered
  • The Owner in keeping the objects (vehicles) on the flatwork to the desired loads it is designed for and taking care of the flatwork in the future, to include proper sealing as needed and no de-icing agents the first year.

Any one of the four people above can cut a corner and affect the life of the pavement. Imagine if everyone cuts a corner. The driveway, patio, sidewalk, parking lot, street, etc. are investments. Make your piece of the puzzle quality!