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Liberty Ready Mix is proud to announce the installation of CarbonCure Technology in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact that occurs during the batching process in producing ready mixed concrete. As a CarbonCure producer, Liberty Ready Mix now repurposes carbon dioxide by injecting it into our concrete mixture, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint without compromising the performance of the end product, and increasing the concrete’s strength.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Cement & Concrete Production

Concrete is the most abundant man-made material on the planet, and by the year 2060, the world’s building stock is expected to double. That means a lot more concrete will be produced to keep pace with this anticipated growth. In turn, the concrete produced is expected to make up almost 50 percent of carbon emissions by this new construction. With CarbonCure technology, Liberty Ready Mix is committing to reducing the negative environmental impact that concrete production inherently has on our environment. 

How we Make Concrete More Eco-Friendly: Carbon Dioxide Mineralization & Repurposing

CO2 is collected, purified, and transported to Liberty Ready Mix locations and stored in pressurized tanks. Whenever concrete is batched at our plant, specific amounts of the carbon dioxide are released and added to the mix. This causes a mineralization reaction that converts CO2 into a mineral (solid limestone). The result? Concrete that repurposes carbon dioxide gas back into the concrete without sacrificing the strength of your slab.

What Does This Mean for Des Moines?

The introduction of recycled carbon dioxide as a concrete admixture in the Des Moines market holds fantastic implications for the future. As a quickly-developing and growing city with an expanding metro area, Des Moines engineers, architects, and contractors want a realistic means of reducing environmental impact. Liberty Ready Mix is eager and excited to provide a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete as a building material at a time where our city continues to demand growth.

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