Concrete Services


Quality Ready Mix Concrete

Liberty Ready Mix is a proud producer of quality ready mix concrete, that we deliver to many commercial, governmental, and residential projects in the Des Moines Metro Market. Products include footing, wall, exterior, and interior mixes with multiple options on maturity strengths. Mixes run from 2500 psi up to 6000 psi, high/early strength C-mixes and M-mixes designed for high strength and fast setting. Flowable Mortar, K-Crete, and Grout are also available. Many add-mixtures that can provide you the workability and performance you need for your specific project requirements. For your convenience Macro Fibers, Ultra Fiber, Poly Fibrillated Fibers, Poly Vapor Barrier, Rerod, Zip Strips, and Expansion are also available.



If you want to add rich, diverse, and natural looking colors to your interior or exterior concrete project, we can help. Liberty offers CHROMIX® Admixtures, a proprietary admixture that produces permanent integral coloring for concrete. It is suitable for vertical or horizontal applications. CHROMIX is added to the mix at our batch plant to ensure precision and uniformity in the mix. Then it is delivered ready for placement at your site.

Compared to other coloring systems, CHROMIX has proven itself superior both in terms of durability for the owner and ease of application for the contractor-installer. If you’re stamping, polishing, or adding any other decorative element to your concrete, check out the CHROMIX color chart below and call us to explore your options:

Colors shown are approximate and may appear darker or lighter based on your computer monitor and printer.  The final concrete color and finish achieved on your project will depend on several factors (e.g. finishing techniques, curing, sealer, etc), so we recommend you or your contract installer pour and finish a test slab replicating job site conditions first.


crushed recycled concrete

If you have clean concrete rubble from a demolition project and need to dispose of it for free, bring it to our Dixon recycling site (3230 Dixon St Des Moines, IA 50315) during our extended business hours. We will save you the expense of a landfill and the environment the expense of the rubble. Liberty has powerful industrial scale equipment that will crush and separate it into reusable materials.

Our experienced crushing operators and quality control personnel turn the rubble into various sized aggregates that are then used as substitutes for more expensive limestone and gravel. These crushed concrete aggregates (“CCA”) are commonly used for compaction and fill purposes.

Recycled Aggregate Materials For Sale Include:

Material pick up FOB at the Dixon Yard.

Delivery of material available. We offer tandem dump trucks, side dumps, and belly dumps for hauling material to any size project.
If you are interested in purchasing FOB, or needing delivery of our recycled concrete aggregate materials at competitive prices, please call us at 515-202-4823 for more information.